The chilled lemonade with a hint of ginger is one summer drink, I have been relishing these days before the litchi disappears. A twist of ginger and litchi to our regular nimbu pani aka lemonade is so refreshing and delicious. 

I am definitely not a summer person but I love all the stone fruits which comes along the scorching heat.


25 – litchis 

 1” – ginger 

 6 tbsp – lemon juice

 5 tbsp – sugar

 1/4 cup – water 

 Ice cubes

 3 cups – soda water/ plain water

 Mint, lemon wedges for garnishing


Peel and de seed litchis. Scrape the ginger. 

In a blender, add ginger and litchi. Blend until smooth. 

Add lemon juice, sugar and water. Mix well. 

Strain in a tumbler. 

Add ice and soda/ water. Mix well. 

Garnish with lemon wedges and mint. 

Serve chilled. 

You can skip the straining part of you like bits of litchi and ginger in your drink.

Adjust the amount of sugar and lemon according to your preference.

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